Advanced English Dictionary

Advanced English Dictionary

Mobile Application. 

Operating System - Windows Mobile

Size : 27 MB     

AED is a comprehensive free English dictionary app . It has more than 400,000 entries with a clean and modern
 user interface. Some of the important features are as follow:
 1. Dictionary stored in phone
 2. Pronunciation (sound and notation)
 3. Fast and snappy
 4. Picture gallery
 5. Word relation
 6. Today's word
 7. Recent page for revision
 8. Star your word
 9. Inline search
10. Based on WordNet 3.1
     - Containing more than 400,000 entries
     - Clear and precise definition
     - Sample sentences available
1. Setting page for live tile, starting page,
   search result listing
2. Irregular verbs database
3. New search result listing style


Advanced English Dictionary

(Current Version - Size : 27 MB)

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